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Our 10 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 10 years of EXCELlence in Pilates-2012


“Time and progress are synonymous terms, nothing can stop either.”

- Joseph H. Pilates  

The above quote has always been one of my favorite Pilates’ quotes.  Full of optimism and yet very realistic.  In my own Pilates workout I have seen it hold true as well as for the progress of my clients.  Whether you’ve just started at the studio or are celebrating 10 years of Pilates at the studio this year, you can say you’ve made progress.  What I particularly appreciate about Pilates is how time does not work against your progress.  One might think that as they get older, their fitness level might decline vs. improve.  The Pilates Method defeats those odds and serves as its own “fountain of youth”.  
Reflecting on this milestone, it is clear that nothing can stop time.  As I share with others that this month marks the ten year anniversary for the studio, the response is full of excitement.  “Ten years already?”.  It is quite remarkable that it was a decade ago that the studio doors opened.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the progress that has occurred as well.
For the last decade the studio has been vibrant with sessions taught to amazing people excited to reach their fitness goals.  Our teacher training program, and continuing education workshops for area teachers have added a unique dimension to the studio.  We’ve hosted guest teachers and have enjoyed it all.  
It is a pleasure to reach this mark with the teaching staff.  These outstanding Pilates instructors are passionate for Pilates and for offering outstanding, high quality sessions.  They match my committment for a high standard in customer service and assisting every studio client in meeting their goals.  We continue to strive for greater heights in our teaching experience through continuing education and personal exploration with our teaching styles.  A  special thank you to the teaching staff for joining me in our state of the art Pilates teaching team.
The creator of this work, Joseph Pilates was a genious.  His life’s work helps us reach balance in so many ways, helping us reach our goals and beyond.  It is an honor to share this work with incredibly enthusiasitc clients.  I am grateful for the passion and commitement our clients have for Pilates and our studio.  And I LOVE that clients get as excited as I do when something clicks in their session.

Looking ahead to the next ten years, I have all sorts of things up my sleeves.  Me and my big ideas....  I look forward to continuing to share Pilates with you all.  And I really look forward celebrating this anniversary at our Return to Life - Pilates Retreat in November.   -Kerry

"It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing Pilates for ten years. I remember thinking in the beginning, “Will I ever be able to do this?” As time went on, my muscle memory took over and I was flowing along at a good pace. But wait, pace wasn’t enough! I had to focus on each muscle movement with intention and incorporate breathing to boot – a goal I believed was attainable but wanted to reach immediately. Well, what I’ve learned is Pilates is an ever-changing process of learning that syncs the body and mind.  After 10 years with the guidance of awesome instructors, I continue to learn and hone my skills. I credit Pilates for alleviating chronic back and neck pain and improving my posture 100%. I believe Pilates is a life-style and I’m dedicated to continue to learn from it."
                                            - Mary Fridley, Excel Pilates Annapolis client since 2002

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to:

Paula Tanis, began Pilates with us on May 13, 2002
Mary Fridley, began Pilates with us on June 10, 2002
Kathy Brooks, began Pilates with us on June 28, 2002 
Barbara Maxwell, began Pilates with us on July 2, 2002
We look forward to celebrating more 10 year anniversaries next year!
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