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Session Types and Rates

 "In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, in thirty sessions you will have a new body." -Joseph H. Pilates.

Excel Pilates Annapolis is a traditional, classical Pilates studio.  In maintaining a traditional-style Pilates studio, we focus on offering sessions that incorporate the complete Pilates Method involving both mat exercises and working on the Pilates apparatus. A typical session is 50 minutes in length and includes both aspects.  
We offer one on one, duet and trio sessions to maintain focus on the individual.  Sessions can be incorporated in a variety of ways depending on individual goals.  Some students prefer individual attention, while some enjoy the dynamic of a duet partner or a trio, and others combine session types. As a traditional Pilates studio we do not offer mat classes.  We do not offer drop-in classes to ensure appropriate progression, level matching and safety.
Duet and trio sessions require being level-matched and prior Pilates experience.  Most individuals without prior Pilates experience start with a minimum of the Pilates Introductory Package.  

 "Pilates is the only therapy that has significantly increased my ability to be more active since I injured my lower back. I feel stronger and love the way it makes me more 'in touch' with my body/core. Kerry is professional, caring and fun! Excel Pilates Annapolis is a one aspect of my life that I look forward to every week." -Cindy, age 47, Pilates client since 2009 

Session Types



One-on-One Sessions
Each One-on-One session is 50 minutes in length and involves the full Pilates Method utilizing both mat and apparatus exercises.  This is the recommended way to start Pilates.

Duet Sessions
Each Duet session is 50 minutes in length and involves the full Pilates Method utilizing both mat and apparatus exercises. Two individuals. Prior Pilates experience required for appropriate level matching.

Trio Sessions
Each Trio session is 50 minutes in length and involves the full Pilates Method utilizing both mat and apparatus exercises. Minimum of 3 people. Prior Pilates experience for appropriate level matching. 

We look forward to assisting you with scheduling. Please contact the studio by phone or email, or through our website on the Contact page.  We return all calls and emails within 24 hours and look forward to assisting you in designing a Pilates schedule specific for your goals. 

Studio Session RatesIMG_7171.jpg

For One-on-One Sessions:
$75.00 per one-on-one session
$700.00 per 10 card for one-on-one sessions*
$195.00 Pilates Introductory Package-
(3 one-on-one sessions, new clients only)

For Duet Sessions:

$55.00 per person for duet sessions
$530.00 per 10 card for duet sessions* 
see requirements above for duet sessions
For Trio Sessions:
$45.00 per person for small group sessions 
$430.00 per 10 card for small group sessions* 
see requirements above for duet sessions
* 10 cards do have expiration dates
There are no monthly or annual membership fees for any session type.

We accept cash, check or credit card (Visa/Master Card).  We offer an online payment and scheduling options through Vagaro.  Pre-payment is required for first sessions. We are happy to assist in scheduling via phone or email.  To do so, Contact the studio.  We cannot answer the phone during sessions but will always return all calls.

We offer the following discounts for active members of the military and first responders: 10% discount on single session rates, 5% discount on packages.


Excel Pilates Annapolis has been a true "game changer" for me.  I started going three months ago and I am so glad that I did.  Each instructor is encouraging yet challenging.  After my first session I thought "Wow.  I feel better.  I want to come back."  I had more movement in my hips, back and shoulders.  My posture started to improve.  After three sessions I thought "Wow.  I have my life back.  I don't ever want to stop."  I sit, stand and walk so much more comfortably now.  I have increased energy and mobility to play with my son again.  Thank you, Excel Pilates Annapolis!

- Excel Pilates Annapolis Student, Jarrell