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Client Health Protocol

Mandatory for in-studio sessions

Client Health Protocol

Updated March 2021

  • Anyone experiencing or encountering any of the following may not schedule or attend any in-studio sessions and will need to cancel* any existing in-studio appointment(s):
    • A fever greater than 100.0 degrees F, a new (<14 days) cough or flu-like symptoms, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, congestion or runny nose, body aches, muscle pain, or chills, stomach or intestinal issues, fatigue, headache, or loss of smell or taste.
    • Diagnosed with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).**
    • Come in contact with/had exposure to COVID-19***
  • **If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, upon completion of quarantine requirements as stated by the contract tracer/health department for you and all members of your household, we require a letter of clearance from either your doctor or contract tracer OR a negative result for a COVID-19 test before you may resume in-studio sessions. Document must be submitted to the studio. 
  • ***If you or anyone in your household has come in contact with/had exposure to COVID-19 or has been required to quarantine (due to travel, illness, contact/exposure) by state, county, mandates, guidance, a health care practitioner, the CDC, or DOH in the last 14 days, you may not schedule or attend any in-studio sessions until the following requirements have been met: 1.) A 14-day quarantine requirement from date of exposure and 2.) A COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of symptoms or 3-5 days after exposure, with a negative COVID-19 test result. “Contact” refers to being within six feet for a prolonged period of time of a COVID-19 case, including while caring for, living with, visiting, or sharing a healthcare waiting area with a COVID-19 case, or had direct contact with secretions (been coughed on, sneezed on) of a COVID-19 case..
    • If you or anyone in your household has traveled internationally or traveled on a cruise ship in the last 14 days, you may not schedule or attend any in-studio sessions. 
  • We require that clients who are sick in any way not attend in-studio sessions. Any client who is sick or appears sick, has not had the proper time for full recovery of any contagious illness, or who has not honored the necessary quarantine protocols, will be required to immediately leave the studio. We will not teach your session and the 24-hour cancellation policy will apply in full.
    • *The 24-hour cancellation policy is applied and we greatly appreciate the consideration of others. As always, we encourage clients to think ahead and cancel early. However, if you wake up ill the morning of your session, we are offering a same-day sick waiver option during this time in which 30 percent of your in-studio session fee will be waived. This will operate on an honor-system basis.
  • It is mandatory that all clients properly wash their hands in the restroom upon entering the studio, as well as after their session. Additionally, hand sanitizer is stationed at the studio entrance for clients to use before and after sessions.
  • It is required to practice hygiene/cough etiquette and cover up sneezes/coughs with a tissue or upper sleeve, never your hands. We cannot express enough that if you are sick in any way, do not attend your session.
  • It is required that masks are properly worn while in the studio and during your session.
  • It is required to practice social distancing of six feet between teachers and other participants.

What We Do

  • All apparatus is cleaned after each session. One cloth per cleaning. Our staff works along with clients to clean all the apparatus used in a session. The upholstery is antimicrobial, which means it is intended to stop any organisms from thriving. However, we will continue to use an additional solution several times per day to give our apparatus an extra level of cleanliness. Know that there are always hand towels at the studio that may be used on the apparatus, if preferred, whenever you are face down.
  • Our laundry (cleaning cloths and hand towels) is washed professionally and bleach is used.
  • In addition to our regular studio cleaning schedule, we will continue our touch surface wipe downs multiple times a day. We always sanitize common areas throughout the day, such as doorknobs, light switches, and the reception desk.
  • We use an air filter, which filters out numerous bacteria and impurities, including many viruses.
  • Know that our staff is instructed to comply with our Client Health Protocols.

Updated 3-15-2021