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Pilates Mentor Program

"This has proven to be an invaluable program to deepen my work and further my teaching skills. I have more confidence in my ability to convey the Pilates Method to my clients which has helped them to progress with their practice." 

- Barbara Taylor, Pilates Teacher Mentor Program participant

The Pilates Instructor Mentor Program at Excel Pilates is dedicated to providing high quality continuing education and mentoring to graduates of comprehensive classical Pilates teacher training programs.  As a Pilates instructor, it is important to enhance the knowledge obtained as an apprentice through continuing education.  Through the Pilates Instructor Mentor Program at Excel Pilates, participants will go beyond standard continuing education and experience the one on one attention only offered through a mentor.  It is after graduation from a teacher training program that a Pilates instructor’s education and experience is tested through a variety of clients and situations.  Whether teaching individually or along with other Pilates teachers, a mentor can be a valuable resource for any level Pilates instructor, a recent graduate or a more experienced teacher.

The Pilates Instructor Mentor Program at Excel Pilates offers access to the experience of second-generation teachers Kerry De Vivo on a one on one basis.  This program is tailored to your needs (see sample program outline below) and is designed to deepen your level of teaching and understanding of the Pilates method.  We believe the Pilates exercises should be studied authentically and in person as well as receiving individual feedback on teaching skills.

The program directors*, Lesa McLaughlin and Kerry De Vivo, offer over 30 years of combined Pilates teaching experience. Both became certified teachers in 1995 with certifications from the Pilates Studio in New York and the Pilates Center in Colorado. Both directors trained with, and were certified by, master teacher Romana Krysanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates.  Kerry and Lesa have co-directed the Excel Pilates Pilates Teacher since 2001 and have been Pilates studio owners since 1998.  Both Kerry and Lesa have extensive experience in teaching movement through their degrees and careers as dancers.

* Teachers who register for the mentor program at Excel Pilates Annapolis will work with Kerry De Vivo.  Teachers who register for the mentor program at Excel Pilates DC will work with Lesa McLaughlin.  Teachers who are interested in working with both program directors may inquire about that opportunity.

Sample program outline

One ten-session course is customized to meet each participant’s goals:

Enrolled participants design their mentor program around ten 50-minute sessions.  Participants choose between taking one on one sessions to deepen their own Pilates workout which enriches one’s teaching, reviewing/clarifying exercises, assistance with session design or problem solving for specific exercises or clients, observation and feedback of participant’s teaching. Participants can mentor with Kerry De Vivo at Excel Pilates Annapolis in Annapolis, MD, Lesa McLaughlin at Excel Movement Studios in Washington, DC, or both program directors.

To apply

Download the application form and mail the completed form with a $75 non-refundable application fee (made payable to Excel) to: 11 Annapolis Street, Suite A, Annapolis, MD 21401. Upon approval of application, an evaluation session and interview will be scheduled, $75 non-refundable evaluation fee applies. The evaluation session and interview will determine acceptance to the program. Acceptance into the Pilates Instructor Mentor Program at Excel is based on, but not limited to, the completion of a classical comprehensive Pilates teacher training program, level of skill and physical integration of the Pilates method, overall knowledge of the Pilates method and professionalism

Program fee:  $1,000.00 (via check, credit card not accepted for this program)

Program fee includes:

10 sessions to be utilized as needed by participant. Options include: 

  • one on one sessions at Excel Pilates DC or Excel Pilates Annapolis 
  • observation of program directors teaching 
  • assistance with session design or problem solving for specific exercises or clients 
  • exercise review/clarification sessions
  • observation of participant teaching followed by post observation feedback sessions
  • up to 6 post observation 25-minute feedback sessions