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Teacher Training Program FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program 


Does the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program (TTP) involve both mat and apparatus work?

Our TTP is a comprehensive, 700 hour/one-year training program. It covers all apparatus and mat exercises, includes a teaching manual, covers anatomy, session design, has required readings, and weekly apprentice meetings. Apprenticeship involves practice teaching, observations and the continuation of study/practice of Pilates.

There is written and practical testing at the 200, 400, and 600 intervals. There are four 20-hour weekend seminars. All hours are completed in the studio. We do not do partial certifications, i.e. mat certification.

What are prerequisites?

To apply, one must be at a strong intermediate/advanced level in all apparatus and mat work. Applicants need to have studied Pilates (not Pilates-based) and have excellent knowledge of at least the intermediate system, so the focus during the program is on learning how to teach. If you are interested in applying, but are not at the required level, you should take the time to better increase your knowledge and will therefore gain a lot more out of the program. There are no exceptions to the qualifications necessary for admission.

What is the background of the directors?

Lesa McLaughlin and Kerry DeVivo offer over 40 years of combined Pilates experience. Kerry was certified by the Pilates Center in Colorado and the Pilates Studio in NY. Lesa was certified by the Pilates Studio in NY. Both Lesa and Kerry are considered second generation teachers.  See complete bios at www.excelpilatesannapolis.com and www.excelpilates.com.  Both directors are actively involved in the Pilates community in sharing and preserving the original work of Joseph H. Pilates.

What makes our program unique?

The TTP is unique in that we are a fully equipped studio and offer smaller class enrollment (approximately 10) for each apprentice session and therefore provide a lot of individual attention. Most of our faculty members are second generation teachers. Our studio environment is supportive for apprentice practice, and our environment is encouraging. Each apprentice is advised to an advisor.  

Is our program affiliated with other programs?

Our program is affiliated with no other. We teach Pilates in its traditional form which is a similarity to a few other programs.

In comparison to some other programs, ours offers a great deal of individual attention and significant coverage of anatomy and special client issues.   Apprentices enrolled in the Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program, are able to complete hours between any of the three Excel Pilates affiliate studios in Annapolis, Washington DC and McLean, Virginia.

What kind of apparatus do we have?

At Excel Pilates Annapolis, the apparatus is primarily from Gratz with some pieces from Peak's classical line.  At Excel Pilates DC, the apparatus is traditional (leather straps, four springs, and single-level foot bar) from Balanced Body as well as Gratz.  Excel Pilates Nova has appartus from Gratz. At all studios, we have Reformers, Cadillac, Wall Units, Wunda Chairs, Barrels, High/Electric Chair, Pedi-Pull, Magic Circles and more.

How do I apply?

Please call 410.897.0550 to request an application form or Download the PDF. Submit the completed application with required materials and a check for the evaluation session to 11 Annapolis Street, Suite A, Annapolis, Maryland 21401. If your application is approved, an evaluation session will be scheduled. The evaluation session and interview will determine acceptance to program.

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